Thursday 1 April 2004

Wanted: Couples Who Run A Business Together For Hit TV Series Wife Swap

Do you and your partner run a business together? Are you always on the go? Is it possible to get a balance between work and family life? How do you manage to do it? Wife Swap - the hit series about family life is back for a third series and Channel 4 would love to hear from you!

Massively popular, Wife Swap is the show where, in each programme two women (the wives or partners) swap homes for ten days and take on each other's life. For the first five days, the women have to run their new homes according to the rules of the house. But in the second week, the new wife gets to introduce some changes and new ideas in the house.

Each programme concludes with the two couples being reunited and a discussion about their experiences of the swap. The series explores the choices different people make in how they organise their home lives: how they divide up parenting, shopping and house work, spending priorities and what they want from their social life. For the third series, Channel 4 wants to hear from working couples (with children at home) about the challenges and rewards of running a business together.

The family would have to live in the UK, have children living at home and be up for a challenge! Ideally, Channel 4 is looking to hear from lively, interesting couples who have a strong sense of identity and a clear outlook on life. As well as couples who work together, Channel 4 are also on the look out for busy families - where both parents have careers.

If you are curious about how other people live and up for a ten-day challenge...or know someone who fits the bill...then please contact Deborah on 020 7013 4485 or email deborah.moore.

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