Sunday 27 August 2006


Real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy unplugs internet

The internet is being shrunk and offered off-line in a way that has been likened to the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' device in the book of the same name. Webaroo's servers crawl the internet and analyse web pages, selecting pages with high quality, broad coverage, and small size. Consumers either download Webaroo and selected content onto their laptop and mobile devices for free, or purchase a device with Webaroo bundled on it. The content is updated every time the device is connected to the internet.

Webaroo features 'web packs' on a variety of subjects, such as news, sports and major global cities including New York and London, each of which contains thousands of relevant web pages identified by Webaroo's algorithms. In addition, users can select and download their favourite websites to save and search at their leisure. Content is saved on the user's machine and loads at memory speed, and web pages are delivered in full graphic form.

"As mobile use grows, consumers want to be able to do more with their mobile devices" said Rakesh Mathur, CEO of Webaroo. "Webaroo brings the power of web search to mobile devices with an innovative product that is truly ubiquitous and fast. At home or on the go, in the air or on vacation, users can now find the information they need, wherever they are."

The company aims to eventually have the entire web available on a hard drive. However, the service is limited, as functions such as email and instant messaging require a live internet connection.

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Business and the World Wide Web

Business and the World Wide Web

The North East is among the top-ranking regions in the UK when it comes to trading online, with more companies than ever before doing business via the web. Recent research also puts the North East in first place for the number of businesses stating competition as a driver for ICT implementation and second on a range of performance indicators...