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Slow PCs blamed on e-besity

Date 18 Jan 2008

Home computers and laptops seem to be suffering the after-effects of festive excess. Support service TechGuys says an increased number of owners have reported sluggish IT equipment this month.

More than 70% of callers to the firm's helplines in January have indicated their PC is running slow, and TechGuys are attributing this to an over-indulgence in Christmas downloads.

Callers have said their PCs are now taking longer to boot up. Diagnostics have shown many have downloaded pictures, movies, songs and new software applications, which can all make PCs run slower.

TechGuys are advising customers to take simple measures to improve the PC's digestive tract. These include checking the capacity of their hard drives and defragmenting the hard disk.

Tim Fairs of TechGuys said: "We've definitely seen an increase in what we describe as ‘e-besity'. "Our appetite for data is growing all the time and many of the things that we download can be stored in such a way that it doesn't impact the PC or laptop's performance."

TechGuys have a free detox guide from

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