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Six new technologies named as vital to the UK's future

Date 23 Nov 2007

Six key new technologies have been highlighted as central to the UK's future prosperity in a report published today by the Government's top advisory group on science and technology.

The Council for Science and Technology (CST) has rigorously assessed over 100 technology areas in its search to find the most promising technologies for the UK to focus on over the next five years.

The six winning technologies span the breadth of the UK economy covering both the manufacturing and service sectors.

The technologies are: Carbon Capture and Storage - enabling coal and gas to be used for power generation without adding further to CO2 emissions; Disaster Mitigation Technologies - predicting, preventing and responding to the impact of disasters such as earthquakes; Plastic Electronics - developing a new generation of products; Low Carbon Distribution Networks for Electricity Supply - enabling and stimulating large-scale, local electricity generation by renewable and low carbon technologies; Medical Devices - improving healthcare, and, E-health - delivering and enhancing health services through the internet and related technologies.

John Denham, Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, said: "I welcome this valuable report by the Council for Science and Technology. The UK is well known for its world-class science and technology. In order to translate this into wealth creation and social benefits we have to work to capitalise on new and lucrative technologies. It's vital we exploit cutting-edge innovation to achieve global success.

"The CST report makes an important contribution to that process, and the Technology Strategy Board will want to consider it alongside other inputs as it develops its programme of action."

The CST road tested its conclusions with a wide range of business and academic organisations, including the CBI, the Technology Strategy Board and the Research Councils.Four further platform technologies were also identified. These are: bandwidth telecommunications; cell and tissue therapies; pervasive systems; simulation and modelling. The CST has recommended that substantial investment in these areas should continue.

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