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Orange Bus coasts production company to online audience

Julian Leighton of Orange Bus IT
Date 16 Aug 2007
Author The Editor

Julian Leighton of Orange Bus IT

The TV production company responsible for programmes such as Wire in the Blood and Rocketman has had a new website launched for it by Newcastle-based designers Orange Bus. The Jesmond-based firm was selected to create a new site to showcase Coastal Production’s work and provide opportunities for viewers to get closer to what goes on behind the scenes and interact.

The new Coastal site will change constantly and give viewers reasons to return to the site, including features such as outtakes, story boards and video blogs from behind the scenes. 

Julian Leighton, Co-director of Orange Bus, said: "We wanted to create a site that would attract people back over and over so we created ‘Inside Coastal’ – where people will be able to view all sorts of outtakes and behind the scenes photographs. "We have noticed it’s been a very sticky site so far, which means that people spend a lot of time on it. The average visit length is currently five minutes – which is quite astonishing when you compare it with the average two minutes on the top ten sites in the world."

Robson Green, co-director of Coastal Productions, said: "A big thank you to Orange Bus for designing the new Coastal Productions website. The design and outlay, along with accessibility to the site is beautifully simple yet incredibly effective. "It is a reminder of how far Coastal has come over the past ten years and lets the world know about the quality, diversity and high standard of Coastal’s programmes."

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