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Internet shopping costs firms dear

Date 11 Dec 2007

As a follow-on from the story above, more than a third of office workers will have spent nearly an hour yesterday buying Christmas presents on the internet, according to a new report. Online shopping for the festive season will potentially cost firms millions of pounds in lost productivity, said Employment law firm Peninsula.

The firm believe that the time lost by workers shopping online instead of working could equate to £90 million.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula, said: "Obviously Christmas proves to be a busy period for online retailers, as employees prefer the convenience of shopping from their desk rather than venturing into the Christmas crowds, however it will also have a detrimental impact on businesses.

"It appears that more employees are turning to the internet to purchase presents. As online shopping becomes easier and more convenient so does the temptation to use company time to online shop."

The firm advises against shopping on employers' time, but also warns employers to make sure their workers are aware of any internet usage policies they may operate.

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  3. Internet shopping costs firms dear

    Darren W 8:34 11 Dec 2007

    I would suspect the cost is not actually as dear as it would be if their employees had to take the day off work to go to the shops.

    I also either heard or read a story saying firms were banning employees from getting personal deliveries too, another madcap scheme. As an employer would you prefer your employees came to work and have parcels delivered their or would you rather they stayed at home all day waiting for what could be one or two parcels?

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