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Improved hearing aid battery tech developed in North East

Vince Armitage, sales director at Rayovac
Date 29 Aug 2007
Author The Editor

Vince Armitage, Rayovac sales director , with new batteries

A North East manufacturer has improved its product range to help people with severe hearing problems. Rayovac in Washington has developed a longer lasting hearing aid battery that improves the performance of specialist hearing devices.

The firm has tailored the new product to meet the needs of people with cochlear implants – a device worn by the profoundly deaf and hard of hearing. The battery contains a series of technical improvements that maximises the power available to the hearing aid device for a longer period of time, improving the performance and quality of sound available to the user.

Vince Armitage, sales director at Rayovac, said: "Our new battery is a major step forward in hearing aid technology and performance. Considerable time has been devoted to working with device manufacturers, healthcare professionals and hearing aid users to create a product that matches the needs of users and will improve their quality of life."

With the power demands of hearing aids worn by those with cochlear implants significantly higher than other devices, Rayovac has developed an air management system to maximise power for longer. It works by ensuring that only the precise amount of air needed to convert zinc in the battery to energy enters the cell at all times.

Rayovac has been based in Washington for more than 30 years. Over 130 people are employed at the factory, which is the headquarters of Rayovac’s European sales and marketing team, manufacturing, packaging and distributing to 120 countries worldwide. 

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