Wednesday 8 September 2004


Always ones to flag-up a worthwhile (yet quirky) linguistic cause, here at the The bgroup we're backing the campaign by BBC Radio One DJs Colin & Edith to get the phrase "Sucking-Diesel" into the Oxford English Dictionary. For those not in the know - the phrase is used as follows:

Amy: "How are you today Chris?"
Chris: "Sucking-Diesel, mate... Sucking-Diesel."
This means that Chris is having a particularly good day.

To qualify for inclusion, the phrase needs to appear across a range of publications and media in general usage. Therefore, where appropriate, we will endeavour to champion the phrase in future editions... for example, one of our headlines may read: "Sunderland Sucking-Diesel As Black Cats Win Promotion" - yes, well we'll not hold our breath on that one!

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