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The healthiest tipple

Date 17 Sep 2006
Author The Editor

Celebrities from the worlds of sport, fashion, art and entertainment are backing a campaign to encourage North Easterners to drink more.Northumbrian Water’s new ‘Water for health’ campaign is promoting the benefits of drinking tap water - tap water quality in the North East is among the best in the country, and at a price of 50 glasses for 1p, it is a significantly cheaper way to drink the recommended eight glasses (two litres) of water a day than buying it in bottles.Football legend, Jack Charlton, who recently made his feelings known about world cup players not having access to and drinking enough water, said: “I have travelled the world and we are very fortunate in this country to have excellent tap water. We all take it for granted every day - others in the world aren’t so privileged. We should appreciate it more and drink more!”

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