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What is a news feed?

News feeds - also known as RSS - are used to alert you when new content has been added to a website from which you have requested a feed. In the case of bdaily, subscribing to one of our free news feeds means you’ll be able to receive the very latest news in your chosen area of interest as soon as it’s published on the bdaily site. This means you won’t even have to visit our website, or wait until you receive your daily email to stay up to date, as your feeds will alert you to new content as it’s added, and deliver it direct to your computer.

The downside is that you don’t get the pictures, or all the surrounding info that comes with our daily edition, so it’s always good to keep an eye on the site anyway, but you will get the meaty bits as soon as we add them in the form of headlines and a short summary, with the option to click through to the full news article.

We currently have RSS feeds for all of our news stories – please use the navigation above to select which ones you want to subscribe to and there is no limit on how many you choose.

How do I start receiving bdaily news feeds?

To start receiving our RSS feeds, you’ll first have to get something called a news reader.

There are many different versions you can get hold of – it’s usually a matter of preference – and they’re generally free to use. When choosing one of our feeds, we will give you a few free options to choose from, or feel free to add our feeds to software you're already using.

We offer our RSS feeds free of charge so feel free to choose as many as you wish from the list above. Once subscribed, your news reader will update itself as soon as new content is published in your chosen area of interest to make sure that you keep up with the news as it happens.

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