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bdaily Questionnaire

As you know bmarketing produces and delivers the e-publication bdaily, which is sent to you directly 5 days a week. We are always keen to improve the service and would appreciate it if you could take 10 minutes to let us know your thoughts on the structure, content and usability of the publication, and indeed the new bdaily Xtra.


1. Is the bdaily read by: (please tick as many as appropriate)

The person it is sent to
Passed on to/from colleagues
Accessed through an internal server
Not Read

2. Please indicate which features are of most interest to you in order of relevance (1-12 - 1 being the most relevant)?

Local news
National news
Euro news
Small matters
And finally
Friday poll
One to look out for
Tuesday chuckle
Spot the job

3. Have you ever contacted the editor?

yes no

4. Have you ever subscribed a friend or colleague to the bdaily?

yes no

5. Do you think the average article length is:

too long too short just right

6. Would you like to see links from the bdaily to external websites when featured stories are covered?

yes no

7. Have you ever made any submissions to the bdaily? if so what was it for?

News Article
Small Matters
One to look out for
spot the job
Workshops / short courses

8. What sort of response did you receive from coverage in the bdaily?

Good response Fair response Small Response No Response Can't Tell

bdaily Developments

9. Do you currently subscribe to the bdaily Xtra?

yes no

10. Where would you normally look for information on local events?

Local Press
Word of Mouth
Professional Journals
Website (please give details)

11. What features would you like to see covered:

Global business
Financial market updates
Events planner
Business key figures on the move
Reviews on books, bars, theatre, cinema and restaurants
Environmental issues
Latest digital media and design news
Watch dog style articles

12. As the bdaily develops, so do its features. What additional on-line features would you like to see included?

Digital Poll Graphs
Article Forum
Event Ratings
Discussion Board
Related Articles option

13. Would you pay to receive the bdaily and bdaily Xtra?

yes no

14. Would you pay to advertise on the bdaily?

yes no

15. Do you use the website? If so, what do you get out of it? If not, what would you like to see on the website?

Technical Questions

16. Which Operating Sytem do you use most of the time?

Windows 98 or ME
Windows NT or 2000
Windows XP
Mac OS 9
Mac OS X

17. Which Email Program do you use most of the time?

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Express


18. Overall, how would you rate the bdaily against other news deliveries?

Excellent Good Fair Poor

19. Please add any further comments about anything bdaily or bdaily Xtra related. This will help to get your full perspective on the publications.

please tick if you do not want us to use any of your comments for bdaily promotional materials

Thank you for your input. We will feedback responses once received. We want to encourage more businesses to send articles into us and to get more involved with the publication and hope you will do this more frequently in the future. Also, don't forget the bdaily offers a recruitment service, so any vacancies please sent to rowan and it will be published for free!

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