Thursday 7 April 2005

bteam Makes The Most Of A Very British Icon

A leading communications firm in Newcastle is set to revive the iconic status of the red telephone box in a bid to seal its reputation on the national stage. The bgroup, whose work in the fast-moving enterprise sector has helped to establish its place as one of the leading agencies in its field, is branding up thousands of call boxes ready for a roll-out across the country. The booths' distinctive red colour will be replaced by purple and the pay phones will be fitted with a 'hotline' straight to the b offices in Charlotte Square.

The idea behind the 'b booths' is to give people instant access to the bteam - so whether it be a story for the bdaily (produced daily by the bteam) or to chat through your communication requirements - people will be instantly able to get in touch using the freephone number. Although the pilot will initially be restricted to cities in the North East - including Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland - the company hopes that their success will soon pave the way for a national roll-out. In face of the decline of the much-loved red call boxes over the past few years, the bteam hope that their revival in this way will result in the creation of a new British icon - albeit a purple one!

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