Tipster: A few phrases to close the sale

As part of a new feature bdaily will provide regular quick tips that have been contributed by businesses. Today, Michael McMeekin from Arrow Sales gives his top tips around closing a sale:

Although I firmly believe that if you qualify every sales opportunity properly and treat your prospect with respect there is a natural end to the sale.

However I always seem to get asked during our sales training courses “Have you got any closing techniques I could use” and I always reply that if you are professional and do your job properly you don’t need cheesy closes. However here are a few phrases that you can use that may help you:

“Let’s go ahead”

“I would like to have your decision”

“Let’s get started”

“I would like your approval to proceed”

My personal favourite is “Do you have any more questions or are you ready to go to the next stage”

The best way to close the sale and is guaranteed to win you business is to simply ask for the order.

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