New work scheme for Sunderland youngsters

A unique work scheme in Sunderland is giving youngsters a taste of life in the workplace – and at no cost to their employee.

Businesses based at the North East Business and Innovation Centre now have the option to take on a young person at no cost for up to 10 weeks, before having the option to take them on as an employee.

The scheme has already benefitted four young people working in administration-based roles at the BIC, who could now be looking at the prospect of a long-term job at the Centre.

Debra Robinson, human resourced officer at the BIC commented: “ The scheme presents a wonderful opportunity for both the young people and the firms who have taken them on.

“Prior to their placement they have passed a fairly rigorous process where we confirmed their suitability to play a part within a functioning SME, which involved being interviewed by BIC management, and interviews were then arranged with appropriate tenants in accordance with the young people’s skill sets and interests.”

To help run the scheme, the BIC has joined up with independent training organization Milltech, which helps young people undertaking NVQ courses to complete their qualifications by being placed with local firms.

Learners will complete ten weeks of work within the organization,  after which Debra hopes the young person will be employed by the firm.

“Should this not be the case they will return to the BIC for the remainder of the 8 month period,” she added.

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