Seeded SEO blooms in credit crunch

Neil Atkinson, managing director of Deminos HR with Sean Gerrie Neil Atkinson, managing director of Deminos HR with Sean Gerrie

A technology graduate from Northumbria University is watching his business grow from strength to strength, despite the difficult economic climate.

Local boy Sean Gerrie started Seeded SEO in April this year after graduating from Northumbria University with First Class Honours in Internet Computing. Since then, he has signed a significant number of clients.

Business is currently booming for the Search Engine Optimisation specialist who works on boosting a company's website to the top of Google when key words are searched. Sean prides himself in offering ethical, effective and affordable SEO, especially with so many less scrupulous companies exploiting corrupt techniques expensively.

Human Resources and employment law specialists Deminos were one of Sean's first clients. Currently experiencing high demand for its redundancy services and advice due to the recession, Seeded SEO has helped to raise the amount of business gained for Deminos by internet search engines.

Speaking about his first client, Sean said: "Deminos has been a great client from the outset and it's good to know I'm having a positive, sustained impact on's online visibility.

"My optimisation work ensures Deminos is found in highly relevant search sites as well as fine tuning its web pages to improve its ability to generate more leads and increase its effectiveness."

Neil Atkinson, managing director of Deminos, said: "In the time we have worked with Sean at Seeded SEO, I have been really impressed with the effort that he has put in to the Deminos site. Both our rankings and the total number of pages ranked have grown every month.

"Although Sean's suggestions are not always quick or easy to carry out, the end result is always worthwhile. Seeded SEO does not provide a ‘miracle fix' but something much better - a steady programme of continuous improvement."

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