North East left out of super-fast broadband sites

Fibre optic cables The new technology will allow faster and easier internet access

Telecoms giant BT has announced the first places which will benefit from the implementation of its new fibre-based super-fast broadband, and North East locations are conspicuously absent from the list.

The technology will be deployed from early 2010 at 29 exchanges across the UK. Areas of Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Greater Manchester will be amongst the first locations. About 500,000 premises are covered by the list, which concentrates on densely populated urban areas.

Two exchanges in Wales and West Yorkshire will serve as a testing ground for the technology in rural areas. The wider rollout will follow two pilot deployments this summer in Muswell Hill in London and Whitchurch in South Glamorgan, which were announced last year.

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Reader’s comments

  1. Naomi

    8:16 24 Mar 2009

    Typical though..... here in the depths of County Durham, we are at a location furthest from the exchange, which gives us less that 1mg for broadband.... it would be nice to get us up to speed with everyone else!

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