NETPark Net's key role in new innovation

A report highlighting the need for a wider approach to innovation has been welcomed by a business group in County Durham, who say they have already adopted this philosophy.

The County Durham Development Company (CDDC) has welcomed the report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which called for a move beyond the traditional focus on science and the universities to a more business-focused approach. It also said more resources should be brought under the control of regional and local authorities.

CDDC set up the virtual science park, NETPark Net, to link together science, engineering and technology companies. It aims to enable businesses to access the benefits of Sedgefield-based NETPark - which houses companies working in electronics, micro systems, nanotechnology, photonics, advanced materials, medical devices and homeland security - without being based there.

Stewart Watkins, managing director of CDDC, said: "This report endorses the positive steps we are already making in ensuring that innovation is not just kept in the universities but translated into business success across County Durham.

"The work we're doing at NETPark Net is a key example of how we've established a broader approach to business beyond the traditional science and university sectors.

"NETPark Net serves all companies in science, engineering and technology from the germ of innovative ideas to success at a multinational level."

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