IT consultancy prospers thanks to HW's experts

Phil Cambers of SITS Group and Donna Burn of HWCA Phil Cambers of SITS Group and Donna Burn of HWCA

A North East based company that helps drive green IT initiatives continues to defy the credit crunch, with the help of HW Chartered Accountants.

SITS Group LTD, who specialise in helping businesses reduce the number of power hungry servers and improve the overall efficiency of IT infrastructures, enlisted the help of HW in June 2008.

Taking a financial director role for the company, HW partner Donna Burn put a system in place for financial advice and bookkeeping, and the result has been a 25% increase in turnover as they look set to exceed their first year financial objectives.

Donna said: "This Company is one of the success stories at the time of the credit crunch and it gives hope and inspiration to other small companies who are concerned about the current climate. By setting up a strong financial infrastructure allows the business to prosper. "Some SMEs do not need a full time financial director within the company, so by outsourcing this to us, it saves them money and time to concentrate on the building their business."

SITS Group was formed in March 2008 by four directors: Phil Cambers, Russell Henderson, Paul Watson and Paul Rutherford.

Phil Cambers, Commercial Director, is delighted with the outcome. He said: "The structure HW has set in place is allowing us to be more positive and professional in our financial approach. With all of the pressures facing businesses, people are thinking about their carbon footprint and efficiencies within their IT systems in order to save more money. By virtualising large quantities of servers onto fewer more powerful servers it allows clients to build sustainable scalable IT infrastructures."

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