Female finance team proves a winner

The combined financial expertise of an all-female team is proving such a winner with smaller businesses that Derwentside-based company McManus Hall has expanded into larger premises.

Set up in 2006 by Marian McManus, the firm of chartered accountants and business consultants now has a substantial client list and the growing team has moved into new offices in the Consett Innovation Centre.

Marian has been joined by Sue Rush, who is responsible for the payroll and book-keeping service, Senior Accountant Lyndsey Short who came from Ernst & Young and Diane Littlewood, who provides support with marketing and administration.

“I was confident that the demand was there,” said Marian, “but I am very pleased with the significant growth in business. It increased by about 75% in the first year alone, has jumped by a quarter this year already and is still growing.

“Most of our business comes through referrals from existing clients who are in Newcastle and Gateshead as well as across County Durham. Bringing new team members on board has enabled me to move into new growth areas such as the payroll service, systems implementation and training.”

McManus Hall clients cover a wide range of sectors from manufacturing, construction, medical and finance to hospitality, automotive, IT and retail. The services available include taxation, corporate finance, preparation of business plans and the implementation of computerised accounting systems for start-up businesses.

Marian said: “In these difficult times it is even more important that businesses not only reduce their tax liability to the minimum but also have a system in place that ensures they cut wastage, can keep a close eye on purchases and sales and control their stock.”

McManus Hall is available at www.mcmanushall.co.uk.


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Reader’s comments

  1. Dave Glynn

    14:19 27 Oct 2008

    Hi Guys,

    Is this not discriminating against male accounts professionals?

    Why is there a perceived need for an 'all-female accounts team'?

    Personally, I couldn't care less about the gender of our accountants so long as they provide good service and help to ensure that we meet our tax obligations.

    Maybe I'm missing something here but a headline such as 'all-male accounts team' probably wouldn't go down at all well.

    Best Wishes


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