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Silver lining after Fabriam redundancies

Published 14 Jul 2008
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New jobs have been created for skilled North East workers who were made redundant last year. Former employees of microchip manufacturers Siemens and Atmel are still occupying the Fabriam Centre, where the companies' offices were previously situated.

Three businesses have been founded by ex-Siemens workers, and those made redundant by Atmel have been recruited by other firms using the commercial space. Ascari, a software company based at the Fabriam Centre, have employed Tim Matsell, Simon Noakes and Paul Richardson.

Bill Gibb, who was Atmel's local leader in human resources and business development, has joined Northern Education at the Fabriam Centre as a consultant. Many of Fabriam's other tenants, of which there are around 30, have also employed those left jobless.

John Williams, general manager of Fabriam Places, said: "The Fabriam Centre was born out of the desire to create word class facilities for technology businesses. Prestigious office premises with modern ICT infrastructure, meeting and conference facilities are generally not available or affordable for smaller or start-up companies. This environment helps our tenants portray a highly professional image to attract business from major companies worldwide."

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