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Siemens goes ‘back to school’

Published 23 Jul 2008
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A local business is showing school pupils in South Tyneside the possibilities of engineering as a future career path. Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd and Siemens Protection Devices Ltd, based in Hebburn and Monkton, have launched a new business project with four local schools.

The Siemens Business Experience Project lasts approximately three weeks and involves teams of 12-14 year olds from Hebburn Comprehensive School, Jarrow School, St Joseph’s RC Comprehensive in Hebburn and Boldon School.

The aim of the project is to help pupils develop an understanding of engineering by enabling them to observe and experience typical engineering activities such as the design and construction of a new substation. Pupils are tasked to submit a tender for the contract to connect two new transformers and switchgear to transmit power from wind farms in Scotland to the National Grid. Each school team is required to produce a proposed design, price calculations, planned project programme, risk assessment, health and safety and environmental management plan.

Ron Smith, managing director of Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd, said: “It is vitally important that the UK engineering sector encourages more young people to consider a career in engineering and choose subjects which enable them to enter science and technology related fields.

“Our efforts in the local community will intensify as the business grows in the region. By encouraging more students to take an interest in science and technology in the North East, we can ensure that more of the world's leading-edge technology is developed here.”

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