Engineering's 'Greatest show on Earth' inspires region's youngsters

Thousands of North East youngsters have witnessed the engineering equivalent of the Greatest Show on Earth this week.

The Youth Engineering Show (YES) rolled into town boasting attractions including the world's most advanced humanoid robot, one of the hardiest military vehicles on the planet and a man versus machine buzzer game.

YES provided an opportunity for around 7,000 11-14 year olds to experience first hand the importance of engineering in modern day life and appreciate the extensive career options available in this diverse field. The event will include presentations, interviews, demonstrations and a video about the world of engineering - as well as a visit from Honda's ASIMO robot.

The robot is the culmination of more than two decades of humanoid robotics R&D. ASIMO has several significant technological advancements over its predecessor including a streamlined new design, even more fluid and quick movements and the ability to run at 6 km/h.

Dr Colin Herron, One NorthEast Manufacturing and Productivity Manager, said: "The Youth Engineering Show has been a huge success in the North East. Engineering applies to all industries, from financial services to creating the world's most advanced robot, as well as within manufacturing, production and construction."

Jarrow School was one of the schools attending the event. Teacher Barry McGregor said: "Pupils need to see that engineering is a vital part of our economy and an attractive career option. ASIMO is one of the great examples of how to inspire pupils in schools; it shows how ‘engineering' has developed the worlds most advanced humanoid robot."

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