Construction firm bucks the trend

A North East construction company is bucking the gloomy trend in the industry by exceeding its targets and moving to larger premises.

Northern Construction Solutions have relocated from Sunderland to Lumley Court in Chester-le-Street in order to provide more space for the growing workforce. The business, which was set up by directors Sean Anderson and Dave Gardner in 2002, had a turnover of £6m at the end of March and is likely to exceed £8m by the end of the year. The directors are confident that the company will be turning over £20m within the next 5 years. They currently employ 45 people, an increase of 60% over the last year.

NCS has also announced that they are divisionalising their business and setting up two business divisions, NCS Civils and NCS Build. Each is being run by a Business Manager with a dedicated team.

Sean Anderson said: "Construction hasn't fundamentally changed over the years and to differentiate yourself you have to focus on core deliverables; safety, quality and achieving an agreed programme on time and on budget. We felt that the new structure allowed us to more clearly focus our skills in achieving those core deliverables. We have used our existing staff and where necessary, brought in new staff who share our values, in order to strengthen the teams."

NCS are currently engaged as specialist subcontractors on a package at PD Ports, Hartlepool on projects with a combined value of £2.5M at the Cobalt Business Park.

Sean Anderson said: "Despite the current economic uncertainty, we are genuinely confident about our business as we have grown steadily on a sustainable basis. We have been restrained in our growth and our aspirations in the past until we knew we had the infrastructure to support it. We now have everything in place for major expansion."

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