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Deb McGargle and Matthew Rippon

A new online legal support service is being launched this evening to provide subscribers with information to help them expand their knowledge of legal business and commercial issues.

Matthew Rippon developed the idea of Particular.Pro at Boho, the digital and creative hub of the Tees Valley, and alongside his business partner Deb McGargle has worked hard to see his ideas come to life.

Matthew Rippon, Particular Online, the company behind Particular.Pro commented: “We are transforming our customers experience and using technology to make it happen.

“We want our clients to have much more control over their business decisions by providing them with the tools and content to make informed decisions, whilst also significantly reducing their costs too.”

The pair will now offer round the clock legal support via podcasts, diaries and downloadable documents. They now hope this information will guide businesses through the legal issues which may affect their business in an easy to understand and accessible format.

Matthew continued: “This revolutionary idea was inspired by the enterprising clients we work with who think and act differently on a daily basis.

“They all have great ideas and work at such a fast pace and Particular.Pro is in reality a combination of all their frequently asked questions and late night calls for help.”

This evening’s launch will give their clients the opportunity to mix and meet at the newly opened Heritage Gallery at Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough.

Deb McGargle, director at Particular.Pro added: “Particular.Pro is not a substitute for legal advice but will provide real value for money when access to a lawyer on a one-to-one bases is not practicable

“Feedback from our clients’ say it is a valuable resource for anyone thinking about setting up a business or is already running a business. We are lucky that our new found freedom away from the constraints of a conventional law firm has permitted us to develop our services in a way that our clients actually want.”

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