Middlesbrough entrepreneurs pioneer new market research tool

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An innovative new market research tool is being pioneered in the region by two Middlesbrough based entrepreneurs.

Business lecturer Daniel Kolodziej, and technology expert, Tom Howsam decided to set up Pollme earlier this year after discovering they shared a similar idea of a unique feedback product

Using smartphone technology, Pollme allows customers to give instant feedback on a product, and can be used to rate almost anything.  

The product is presented as a mobile phone app that uses QR codes to direct customers to polls, the results from which provide realtime analytics and trends for marketers

Teesside University are one of the first bodies to use Pollme, and plan to use the technology to collect opinions on student facilities.

Speaking ahead of the launch, CEO Daniel Kolodziej was enthusiastic about the companies great potential.

He said: “The beauty of Pollme is that it can be applied to such a wide range of situations.

“For instance, a customer might be at the hairdressers, and while they are having their hair cut, they could scan a QR code and provide feedback on their experience.

“The business then gets a really valuable set of data that can be used to incentivise their customers.”

Finance for the project was raised vial the Rivers capital project, who have given an initial investment of £110,000 to the pair. However, they are now looking for a larger, second round of investment to kick start their entry into the US market.

The company is now developing a new product called Quizme, which is an app that allows users to compete in quiz leagues while the technology captures psychographic data that can be offered to businesses.

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