Sunderland software company celebrates international success

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International success for LamasTech

A North East IT business specialising in interactive screen technology is celebrating the opening of two new offices in Saudi Arabia, as well as two new UK products.

LamasaTech have developed an application called ‘Tablo’, which allows restaurants, hotels and take-aways to bring menus to life on the increasingly popular tablet devices.

The product has been especially popular the Middle East, where diners have thoroughly taken to the idea.

Managing Director Mahmoud Elsaid explains the success of the product: “Menus are a technology which hasn’t changed in generations – they’re only in one language, there’s a limit on what you tell or show people about their food, its hard to ass specials or remove items from the menu if the kitchen has run out – and of course, it’s a time consuming expensive process when you change them.

“Tablo removes all of these problems at a stroke, maing ordering food fun and engaging, allowing customers to learn more about their dishes, filter out their likes and dislikes or allergies and even order more with a tap of their fingers.”

The company are also in the process of developing two new products, Swoosh and Multiwall.

Swoosh will help businesses to develop touch applications to create innovative advertising and marketing platforms, while Multiwall will enable help organisations facilitate meetings more effectively.

LamasaTech’s development has been facilitated by the Sunderland Software City Hatchery at the University of Sunderland, and continues to receive their support as they branch out into international markets.

Elisaid added: “Sunderland Software City have been with is every step of the way, from our pre-start up days to the present day, and it’s been invaluable having access to their knowledge and connections.”

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