Local supermarket launches mission

A new supermarket has launched in the North East offering food sourced from small, local producers. The new shop, mmm..., has been opened in Newcastle's Grainger Market by Simone Clarkin.

Clarkin has lived in Newcastle for six years, but was originally born in New Zealand and has previously lived in Russia, Italy and London. She has a background in imported foods but has turned her attention to food grown in the North East and Cumbria. Her aim is to encourage shoppers to consider where the food is from, and how this affects communities.

mmm... also sells food from elsewhere in the UK and across the world, produced in small, artisan organic cooperatives and fair trade farms. Suppliers range from a Northumbrian chilli sauce company called Trees Can't Dance, to stone-ground organic flours from The Watermill at Little Sakeld in Cumbria.

Clarkin said: "Many of our products are handmade locally using traditional methods with the finest natural ingredients, meaning you can truly taste the difference."

Her plans for the future include stocking spices from a Goan spice farm and hosting cookery demonstrations from local chefs. She hopes to form links with other producers in the region.

For more information visit www.mmm-food.co.uk or call 07801 357314.

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Reader’s comments

  1. rich

    10:55 10 Jul 2008

    Looks great... but I can't help but wonder how they answer the phone?!

  2. Ian

    6:05 15 Jul 2008

    When it rings we answer it - technology eh!

  3. Pez at bdaily

    11:39 15 Jul 2008Pez

    Thanks Ian! I think Rich was wondering exactly what you say when you pick it up...

    "Hello, mmm..."
    "Hi, you're through to mmm..."

    Maybe he should call you and find out.

  4. Ian Clarkin

    9:07 22 Sep 2008

    Sorry for the delay - been busy seeling the world's hottest chillies.

    Of course we say "mmm..." - our shop does exactly what it says on the tin (or bottle or packet).

    Why not come in and see what we are tasting - guaranteed you will be saying "mmm..." straight away.

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