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Highest endorsement for local food company

Published 9 Jun 2008
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A firm delivering organic and traditionally farmed produce to locations across the North East has received a national stamp of approval. The Honest Food Partnership in Spennymoor received Soil Association accreditation which guarantees its produce has been grown or produced to the highest organic standards.

It was launched less than a year ago by friends Mirrae Rose-Gray and Helen Deacon, who were concerned about modern attitudes towards food production such as genetic modification and increasing food miles.

Following a successful start, the resourceful duo already have plans to diversify and expand their product range to incorporate organic pet food, baby food, alcohol, cleaning products and skincare items. Potential customers include local hotels, schools and nurseries.

Helen Deacon said: "As organic consumers ourselves, we found tracking down the various items we were looking for frustrating. The Honest Food Partnership acts as a single point of purchase bringing together local farmers, growers and producers and to serve the local community."

Colin Willis, Business Link account manager, who helped the company get off the ground, said: "Business Link assessed and identified the company's training needs and put Helen and Mirrae in touch with appropriate training providers, meaning the business is now able to expand and stay competitive. We also helped to access finance and provided support throughout.

"The Honest Food Partnership has proved to be a huge success already as Soil Association accreditation is only given to businesses whose food products are produced and processed to strict animal welfare and environmental standards."

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