Firm supplies feed from horse to hamster

The seed of a business idea was sown when Lindsay Lattimer had problems getting hold of certain feeds for her own horses and animals.

Now Lindsay, with backing from mum Margaret Wigham, has given up her full time NHS job and set up Cherrytree Supplies Ltd, based at Greenside Farm near Castleside in County Durham.

More than £60,000 has been invested in building a warehouse and office for the new animal feed supply business, catering for a range of animals from horses, pigs and fowl to dogs, cats, wild birds and small animals such as hamsters.

Lindsay said: “As a family we have years of experience running a small farm where we have rare breed pigs, chickens and horses.“I knew from my own experience how difficult it can be to get hold of certain specialist feeds. In addition, people often want to order relatively small amounts of feed because they have limited storage space but that can be difficult too.

“With our new storage facilities we can be more flexible and that will help the agricultural market which is going through difficult times. We are offering a seven-day service and intend to make sure our prices remain competitive.

“We want to support other businesses in the area as well and have used local suppliers whenever possible for everything from building materials to our Cherrytree Supplies t-shirts. We are confident we will soon be able to create more jobs for local people."

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