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Barbara's Coffee Angels do ground work

Published 24 Jun 2008
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A Whitley Bay ex policewoman has launched a ‘refreshing' new business and provided a much needed catering service for early morning commuters.

Barbara Cornfoot's new mobile coffee business, "Coffee Angels" has been set up to provide customers with refreshments all served from the back of her distinctive three-wheeled vehicle. The Piaggio Ape (pronounced Ah-Peh) is named after the Italian word for bee thanks to the sound of the 8-foot long vehicle's engine.

While carrying out market research to find out where the business would be most needed, Barbara realised that one of her local Metro stations had no facilities to offer refreshments of any kind. After talking with Metro operators, Nexus, Barbara is now providing a variety of hot drinks and cold breakfast food every weekday morning from 6.30am to 9.00am at West Monkseaton Metro Station.

Barbara said: "I really enjoy meeting people and I love coffee so the combination was perfect."

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