A corporate success down to medieval monks and wenches

Medieval merriment has been such a success with the public at a Newcastle restaurant that the corporate market is being offered a chance to gorge themselves at the banqueting table.

The banquets which see roast pigge, Michaelmas pie and flagons of real ale served by medieval wenches and monks have been such a hit with diners and business people alike that Blackfriars Restaurant is now launching the banquets to the corporate market.

Owner Andy Hook said: "We have literally been inundated with requests to hold the banquets as a corporate event for local businesses looking to give their employees and clients an evening of great food and great ale.

"The restaurant has such a good atmosphere for these types of events as the building used to be an old monastery and home to the Blackfriar Monks. The ambience and old architecture really sets the tone for the banquets."

The Autumnal Equinox banquet, which took place last Friday, was the final banquet open to general diners this year. Blackfriars is now moving to focus on the corporate market in the run-up to Christmas.

The team at bdaily Towers attended one of the Blackfriars medieval banquets a couple of years ago. The whole experience was very enjoyable, but the best bit was when we found where the ale was coming from...

For more about the Blackfriars banquets, call 0191 261 5945.

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