Cloud computing technology boosts drinks business

Lee Huck, director of information technology at Clive Owen & Co LLP and Sheila Woodall, a director of Healthy Thirst Drinks

The directors of Healthy Thirst Drinks have found a revolutionary alternative to commuting – cloud computing technology.

The carbonated drinks firm decided to find an alternative to traditional IT systems after the directors decided to run their business from their homes, which are more than 60 miles apart.

The technology was developed by Clive Owen & Co LLP, who tailored the technology to the needs of the firm by allowing the directors to access the system from anywhere in the country at the same time.

Sheila Woodall, a director of Healthy Thirst Drinks who is based in Sedgefield, County Durham, said:

“The cloud system has been a brilliant solution for us. It’s transformed the way we work. We’re based from south of York to Sedgefield and this technology is excellent for keeping on top of the business, particularly the finance side.

“We can have quality of life and run our business remotely. We’re looking to grow Healthy Thirst Drinks and cloud technology is helping us do just that.”

 This system is also advantageous to the company as the server is hosted, so all the files are safe from damage, and the company is also able to avoid the high costs associated with traditional IT systems, which can be especially expensive for small businesses.

Lee Huck, Clive Owen & Co LLP’s information technology director, said:

“It’s amazing to see how simple software such as cloud has made a huge difference to Healthy Thirst Drinks. It’s really transformed the way the director’s work.

“The technology is great for anyone who has multiple sites so they can all access the system at the same time but from different offices.”

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