Treatment firm checks into city centre

A CHIROPRACTOR who funded his studies to enter the profession after winning a TV game show has set up a new practice to target the North East’s business community.

Alex Smith has launched Collingwood Chiropractic in the centre of Newcastle as he looks to enable commuters and business people to fit appointments around their busy schedules.

Collingwood will also offer spinal checks in-house at businesses in the region to help drive down the number of workdays lost through back pain, headaches and musculoskeletal complaints.

Liverpool-born Mr Smith, whose father is from Newcastle, originally moved to the North East to work at a practice in Monkseaton, North Tyneside.

This came after he funded his five-year degree course at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with his share of the £40,000 jackpot he and his brother won on TV quiz show Take It or Leave It.

He opted to set up his own practice near Newcastle’s Central Station after discovering that the city centre market is largely underserved.

He said: “For chiropractors it is a natural progression to start their own practice after working for someone else and I wanted to put my own stamp on my business.

“My approach is to take my time with clients and make a point of getting to know them individually, unlike many practices which are run with a quick-fire, factory-like mentality.

“I plan to expand the business sensibly and this may well include opening satellite offices with associate chiropractors elsewhere around the North East.” 

Chiropractic treatment contains over 200 techniques which can reduce pain and stress, increase mobility and encourage better sleep, higher energy levels and improved posture.


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