Entrepreneurial graduates go it alone

Michael Peeke-Vout and Mark Renney

Two enterprising graduates at Northumbria University wont be joining the queues at the job centre – because they’ve already set up their own business.

Whilst studying for degrees in Computer Science, Michael Peeke-Vout and Mark Renney decided to set up their own web design company, Wubbleyou Creative Studios.

The company has now been up and running for two years, and has established a varied client base within the North East.

Mark, said: “We weren’t interested in spending a year within someone else’s business so we thought, ‘why not set one up instead?’. It took us two months before we started trading and then we were able to work on building up our client list.”

The pair were lucky enough to receive the support of the Northumbria University Student and Graduate Enterprise Scheme, which gave them office space on campus, legal advice and marketing advice.

Mark added: “We met our first client, an IT consultancy company, during a networking event set up by the Enterprise Support team. All of the support provided meant that our overheads were very low while we were launching our business and getting established.”

The business has now moved into the Saville Business centre in North East, and the pair hope that this will appeal to clients in the region.

Michael said: “One of the biggest advantages about web design is you can work from all over the world, but that can also be a problem for companies who want a face to face meeting with the designers who will be working for them.

“We can take a hands-on approach and the clients like the fact that we can meet with them easily.”

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