Calorie busting drink goes into mass production thanks to Northstar

An innovative new soft drink has gone into mass production after a three-year development process, and investment from Northstar Ventures.

SUMO is the brainchild of entrepreneur Richard Baister, who developed the calorie burning drink using only natural ingredients. The drink helps the body burn more calories by raising the metabolic rate, subsequently having a negative calorie effect.

Richard commented: “After a long period of development, it is very satisfying to see the product in production and hear the positive feedback from our Dublin launch.

“As well as this, the volume of interest from potential distributors globally has been overwhelming.”

SUMO recently received a second round of finance from Northstar, who also provided the company with Proof of Concept Funding in 2008. The second instalment was intended as working capital to launch SUMO and trial it in Ireland.

Michelle Cooper, Investment Manager at Northstar added: “ With sales already beginning to take off, we believe there is a huge potential demand for this product worldwide.

“SUMO was three years in development, but it is clear that Richard’s concept of a calorie burning soft drink is a winner.”

After testing their product on the Irish market, Richard Baister has now sealed a ten-year distribution deal with a Dublin based company, and hopes to announce more significant distribution deals before the end of the year.

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