SMEs missing out on internet advertising boom

Britain's SMEs are being warned that they could be missing out on benefits of online marketing. Ofcom's Annual Communications Market Report, which was published last week, showed that online advertising spend has risen by an average of 70.2% in each of the last five years to reach £2.8bn.

Yet according to Steve Barnes, CEO of online search firm Infoserve, businesses are not aware of this growth. He believes too many small firms don't understand the best ways to market themselves online and are missing out.

He said: "There is a worrying lack of understanding amongst SMEs about online advertising, not only in terms of its effectiveness but also in terms of its value for money. Yet if we're talking about return on investment, then online advertising is second to none.

"Hopefully, the Ofcom report will help SMEs realise the potential of internet advertising, which offers more controlled and flexible advertising than ever before. "Many SMEs across the board are simply not taking advantage of this internet advertising boom."

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