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Pots of fun with Pots For Fun

Published 3 Sep 2008
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A North East art teacher has just launched a new ceramics business combining her artistic and teaching experience in a workshop group environment.

Joanne Taylor from Hexham came up with the idea for ‘Pots for Fun' after attending a course in Hampshire.

"I was looking for something to do that I could combine with my teaching career," she explained. "With Pots for Fun I offer a two hour workshop for a group of around 10 or more people to paint and decorate their own unique piece of ceramic ware."

With a BA Hons degree in Applied Arts, specialising in ceramics, Joanne has been teaching art and design in a secondary school in Newcastle for the past six years.

"The great thing about Pots for Fun is that you don't have to be artistic - anyone can do it - and it suits any age group from toddlers to care home residents, schoolchildren to business executives," she pointed out. "It's a fun activity so it's ideal for children's parties and it's relaxing and therapeutic, which makes it popular with residential homes and hospices. It's also very popular as a team-building activity for businesses."

Joanne, who has her own kiln in a purpose built home studio, provides all materials and tuition, taking the decorated pieces to be fired and glazed before returning them to their owners a few days later.

For more information on Pots for Fun go to the website

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