New business set to go the distance

A former civil servant who represents England at long-distance cross-country horse racing has set her sights on selling riding equipment in Europe.

When she’s not racing 50 miles in a single day, Karen David sells endurance riding products online, by mail order and at trade stands through her Houghton-le-Spring based business Khazan.

Due to the specialist nature of the sport, Khazan is dependent on national and international trade and Karen recently increased her market share by enabling her website to accept payment in euros and dollars.

“Endurance riding is not a household sport in England - so we cannot depend on local or regional business and must look to trade in European countries such as Germany and France, where it is more popular,” explained Karen, who last month helped the England team claim second place in the Home Countries Endurance Race in Ireland.

Initially, Karen bought stock from America to sell on to her customers but Khazan is now developing its own line of products including a water bottle that fits onto the saddle. The business continues to supply cutting edge equipment from America, including long-distance tights and wider stirrups.

Karen launched the business, named after her horse Al Zahi Khazan, in July 2006. She has received support from Business Link to develop and grow the enterprise.

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