James Caan urges small businesses to network

Following research revealing that small business owners are networking less, serial entrepreneur and Dragons' Den star James Caan has urged businesses to make a concerted effort to network.

Research by T-Mobile found that over 80% of senior decision makers at small companies have reduced time spent at traditional face-to-face networking events for fear of being out of the office for too long.

The research also revealed that this has occurred despite 76% of small business owners believing that networking has become even more important during the economic downturn.

Caan said: "Relationships are quite simply critical to business success. The companies with the strongest working relationships will be the ones that come out on top through these tough times.

"The Christmas period is rife with networking opportunities and represents an important time for business leaders and employees to get out, meet people in the flesh and bring in the business."

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Reader’s comments

  1. alma devine

    12:15 17 Dec 2008

    My xmas wish is to face-to-face network with James Caan, is Santa out there???

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