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Home based business owners ‘optimistic'

Published 3 Sep 2008
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Home-based business owners believe they are better placed to weather the economic storm than their larger counterparts, a new survey has found.

More than seven in 10 self employed, home-based professionals say they will be able to ‘grow or maintain' their level of business during the economic downturn, the survey by insurer RSA suggested.

Almost a third of respondents said current trading conditions are ‘positive' while nearly 40% said they are ‘average or no different to normal'.

Just 8% said they would ‘definitely not' be able grow or maintain their level of business during the decline.

The survey's respondents were equally optimistic business ownership as a whole, RSA said, with more than three quarters saying they would ‘definitely' start a business again.

Aaron Devitt, director of professional and financial risks at RSA, said the survey results were a ‘welcome surprise'.

"They suggest the present and future do not need to be as bleak as some are predicting. With all this talk about an impending recession, we are in danger of talking ourselves into a situation that is worse than reality. Clearly, in at least one area of the economy, there are reasons for remaining optimistic about future growth," he added.

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