Entrepreneur creates window of opportunity for cafe venture

 Hossain Rezaei and Justin Perkins outside Flatbread Café’s window displays Hossain Rezaei and Justin Perkins outside Flatbread Café’s window displays

A North East entrepreneur is set to launch his brand new food venture in Newcastle city centre, hoping to bring a new cultural eating experience for local business custom. Hossain Rezaei MBE, 52, formerly of Pride Valley Foods, is opening the doors of the first Flatbread Café on High Bridge to the public in September. Newcastle city centre has been chosen as the first of several Flatbread Café locations which will open throughout the UK in 2007 and 2008.

The first location is being unveiled, piece by piece, through a series of giant window jigsaws - sections of which are being removed on a daily basis from early September, so potential customers will have an advanced preview of the Persian influenced interior.

Hossain said: "The North East economy needs more entrepreneurs and achievers as this is not only good for the economy, but employment and the region as a whole. My business motto is to provide products and valuable service to customers and I look forward to seeing the future success and expansion of Flatbread Café."

Justin Perkins, Flatbread Café's director responsible for brand and business development said: "We will cater for business professionals who want to meet and eat in the city centre. Flatbread Café is launching in Newcastle because of the thriving business community and because Newcastle is a centre for cultural excellence, with its public art, events, galleries, nightlife and shopping - we knew it was our perfect location."

Flatbread Café has also employed an in house nutritionist and will cater for those with food intolerances. For more information on Flatbread Café visit www.flatbreadcafe.com.

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Reader’s comments

  1. Helen Anderson

    18:17 1 Nov 2007

    I went to the flatbread cafe on wednesday gone after reading a review in the Metro on Wednesday morniing on my way to work.

    I can honestly say it is the worst food i have ever tasted. At one point i thought i was going to be sick. I am not a fussy eater - i like to try new things and food from other cultures.

    we paid £12.50 each for the 'meal deal' which is 3 dishes and a flatbread. I was with two other people so we decided to get a selection of different things. If i had only tried three of the dishes i could maybe understand that i may have ordered the wong things, but after tasting nine dishes from the menu (i coulnt tell you which they were, even the waiter didint know which was which as they all resembled bowls of multicoloured mush). We all tasted each of the dishes, each one more revolting than the last, until, after being seated for about ten minutes, we left - £45 poorer and still hungry.
    I picked up a greggs pasty on the way back to the office - 62p well spent.
    This food was disgusting, i can assure you i will not be going again and will be telling everyone i know not to go.

  2. Ourman

    14:21 7 Nov 2007

    I hate to say it but my experiences there weren't good either. £12.50 sounds like a great deal until you see the size of the portions and the food was bland in the extreme.

    As for the Persian decor - I had anticipated somewhere dark and cosy - instead I needed sun glasses against the light. Though it did appear better in the backroom.

    Worst of all, and quite shocking for a business that appears to have pretensions of being ethical - the taps in the bathrooms were full on and ran solidly all the time. So much water down the drain.

    We checked with staff and they said there was a technical error but by all accounts this had been the case for several days after opening.

    It's a great premise for a restaurant and I really wanted to like it but it didn't match up. Sorry.

  3. David Mitcheson

    14:18 16 Nov 2007

    I just ate lunch at the cafe with my fiancee and can honestly say that we fully enjoyed it.

    The food was tasty and filling and the atmosphere comfortable.

    I think they may have had some teething troubles, but they seem to be getting over them.

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