Christmas gathering aims to motivate local enterprise

Businesses from in and around Tees Valley are being invited to take part in an ‘inspiring and uplifting' Christmas event.

visitTeesvalley Area Tourism Partnership is hosting the seasonal session at the Wynyard Rooms on Thursday 27 November.

visitTeesvalley has secured speaker Ben Keene to tell his inspirational story. Ben is the co-founder of Tribewanted, the first social media network with real world projects and events, and was recently featured on BBC2 documentary Paradise or Bust.

Julia Frater, Head of visitTeesvalley, will be giving an introduction and update on visitor trends including the latest on the visitor economy. She will also be summarising the work of visitTeesvalley in the year ahead, to encourage engagement and participation from the business community.

Julia said: "The region's ATPs play an important role in developing the visitor economy in the North East. visitTeesvalley is no exception. Over the past five years we have seen exponential growth in local revenue, achieved through tourism.

"It is crucial that we stick together as a business community, constantly seeking out new ways of attracting visitors from inside and outside the region. Tees Valley has so much to offer and our collective voice, on and offline, will help us to compete in an increasingly tough marketplace.

"The knock-on effect of collaborative enterprise is a stronger, more secure economic landscape. At the same time, we need to be financially prudent to ensure we are protecting our interests and safeguarding our industry for the longer term."

The event is free and will run from 1pm till 5.30pm. Companies wishing to attend the Christmas event should contact Katie Coward on 0191 224 4000 or email kcoward.

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