Supermarket goes green with wood fuel

David Bulman (left) and Roger Thompson (right) of Sainsbury's with NEWHeat Project Director, David Clubb (centre) David Bulman (left) and Roger Thompson (right) of Sainsbury's with NEWHeat Project Director, David Clubb (centre)

A supermarket in Alnwick is going a little greener after installing a wood-fired boiler for its power supply.

The sophisticated biomass technology was introduced to Sainsbury's following a feasibility study undertaken by NEWHeat - a One NorthEast funded initiative designed to encourage businesses to switch their heat energy supply to wood heat.

Sainsbury's says that climate change is high on its corporate responsibility agenda, and anticipates that the new wood pellet boiler at its Alnwick store will reduce carbon emissions by 32%.

David Penfold, Sainsbury's Sustainability Manager, said: "The installation of the biomass boiler at our store in Alnwick is a first for Sainsbury's and supports our commitment to continually reduce the impact we have on the environment wherever possible. "We were impressed with NEWHeat's expert advice and guidance and worked very closely with them from the design of the boiler through to the installation."

Wood as a heat energy source is not only more than 90% carbon neutral, but has the potential to cut energy bills by half, with some wood pellet / chip boilers being able to pay for themselves within as little as two years.

Liz Smith, Assistant Regional Director CBI North East adds: "Innovations in new and renewable energy - including projects like this - are vital in tackling climate change. The North East has expertise in energy and environmental sectors and the challenges of climate change bring with them new opportunities. The wood heat project offers new opportunities for businesses in the North East to cut their energy costs, along with their carbon emissions."

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