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Renew reaches out to tackle the low carbon challenge

Published 1 Sep 2008
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North East businesses will be offered help with becoming greener with the launch of a new eco-advice service.

The Renew organisation will build on the activities of Renew Tees Valley and The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)'s activities in fuel cells and low carbon energy, to realise the delivery of commercial projects employing proven low carbon and environmental technologies across the whole region.

Dr Graham Hillier, director of low carbon energy at CPI, said: "Renew provides strategic support to organisations looking to maximise the economic opportunities and carbon reductions achievable from the application of low carbon energy and environmental technologies within projects and operations.

"Renew will act as a catalyst by working collaboratively with businesses, communities, funders, regulators, technology suppliers and others to help these exciting projects get off the ground, and demonstrate that the North East is uniquely placed to attract low carbon investments.

"The UK targets for a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, and a 15% contribution from renewable energy by 2020, are extremely challenging and this project has a significant role to play in helping the North East achieve its share."

Ian Williams, director of business and industry at One NorthEast, "Renew Tees Valley and CPI have already been instrumental in supporting new developments which utilise the unique processing infrastructure and expertise which exists in the Tees Valley.

"Basing Renew within CPI will bring additional advantages of integration with their low carbon initiatives, and provides a focus for driving forward this activity across the region."

A launch event for Renew will be held at National Glass Centre in Sunderland on Tuesday 23 September. For more details email info.

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