Oil and gas expansion in North East

The North East England oil and gas supply chain are being offered an insight into technological advances being made in the sector with a conference in Scotland next week.

Taking place on September 16 in Scotland at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, the ‘Future Oil & Gas Technologies' event is being organised by NOF Energy and the oil and gas Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF).

Total Exploration and Production UK's Head of Research Partnerships, Peter Macalister-Hall, will explain how innovation and emerging technology are managed by Total and why research and development is sought, approved, funded and commercialised. ITF's Technology Manager, David Liddle will detail how ITF is positioned to deliver innovative technology that meets the needs of the major operator and service companies.

George Rafferty, Chief Executive of NOF Energy, said: "Utilising the latest technological developments is fundamental to the success of companies involved in the oil and gas industry.

"This event offers a fantastic opportunity for those involved in the supply chain to find out what is happening at the cutting edge of the market and discover what is on the wish list of some of the most prestigious companies in the sector."

Helen Tulloch, of ITF, said: "New technology is essential for the sustainability of the oil and gas industry here in the North Sea and globally. ITF plays an important role in identifying, developing and implementing technologies into the oilfield, providing up to 100% member funding to organisations that propose innovative technologies to meet the demands of the global industry.

"This event is one of a series of interactive sessions where ITF seeks to add value to the industry by bridging the gap between the oil majors, the supply chain and the development community."

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