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Design initiative helps business find the Natural solution

Published 11 Sep 2008
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Recent announcements that the price of home heating bills are to rise have been met with a claim from a Darlington businessman that he can lower rural homeowners' bills by up to 70%.

Through running a traditional central heating business, Steve Heslop had noticed an increase in enquiries relating to low carbon heating. He decided to set up a new company, Natural Warmth, which would specialise in developing different ways of heating in rural environments.

Steve is now looking towards a 1m turnover and the recruitment of four new staff members during Natural Warmth's first year of trading. He has also acquired new business premises in Darlington, which house a working carbon heat pump.

Steve said: "The pump is the best explanation of what we do, and will actively demonstrate to our customers how carbon heating operates. It will bring the customer to us in the first instance rather than vice versa, and give them unprecedented insight into the services we provide."

As part of the development of Natural Warmth, Steve received help from the Designing Demand programme, which aims to help and support businesses in using design to improve performance.

Alan Warren, Design Council associate, said: "Steve had a clear vision for his company and was keen to launch his service quickly. However he recognised that he needed a strong brand and a clear message to gain credibility in the market. It took a little time to achieve this but the results are outstanding and will serve Natural Warmth for many years."

For more information on Designing Demand workshops and programmes which are continuing to take place across the region, contact Willie Herdman on 0191 516 6140 or visit

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Reader’s comments

  1. I seriously object to any claims or inferences that the Natural Warmth brand name was developed by the Design Council or any of its Associates.

    The name was developed on behalf of Mr Heslop by my own organisation, Michael Cratchley Marketing & PR prior to any Design Council involvement.

    Michael Cratchley

    01642 582691

  2. Haway, what is this, the BBC? Can we have links to Natural Warmth? :)

  3. Unfortunately, Mr S., we can't.

    Despite the fact that they now have "a strong brand and a clear message" (whoever the brand was actually developed by) they don't appear to have a website. If you can find it, please let us know...

  4. Then I judge their announcement a cart which has been placed before a horse!

  5. Our website guys is
    Mr Cratchley is correct, but I dont think the artical says that D Demand helped with the name

    Steve Heslop

  6. A happy end to this story all round, then. :)

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