Cleaner air company move to showcase site

A renewable energy company has recently invested over £1m in a brand new state of the art site in Durham.

CLS Dual Fuel Ltd and its sister company Cleaner Air Solutions Ltd, which help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, have moved to a purpose built site at Bowden Court, Meadowfield Industrial Estate to cater for their growing customer base.

CLS Dual Fuel deals with the supply and installation of alternative fuel systems for motor vehicles, whilst Cleaner Air Solutions provides renewable energy technology systems including solar electric and thermal modules and wind turbine generators for both the UK and global markets.

The company was the brainchild of young entrepreneur Gary Bowden, who set up the company in 2000 as a sole trader. Eight years on the company now boasts 24 staff and plans to recruit more staff over the coming months.

Mr Bowden said: "The new 20,000 square ft site will help us cope with the company's rapid expansion into the new renewable energy market. It includes a new renewable energy technology centre which will showcase our company's products and will also be used as a training facility for local schools and colleges.

Mr Bowden went on to comment on the targets recently set by the government to encourage the use of alternative fuels, particularly in vehicles.

He said: "In the UK, we do not have the incentives available to many of our European counterparts, and so we are immediately disadvantaged. We must act now to combine energy saving measures with energy saving technologies if we have any chance of achieving the ambitious targets that Government has set."

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