£6m fund for engineering education announced

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The business secretary yesterday announced plans to invest £6.5 million in training for a new generation of engineers for the renewable energy sector.

The money will go towards funding the new Industrial Doctorate Centre in Offshore Renewable Energy, which will work with universities and businesses to provide training for 50 of the best students.

Individuals chosen for the scheme will be given the chance to work alongside EDF Energy, Shell and Rolls-Royce, where they will be trained in innovative future technologies.

As well as learning the practicalities of new green production methods, students will also develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Vince Cable MP commented: “Engineering skills are vital for the growth of a more sustainable economy and are in high demand from employers.

“This scheme will see industry working with industries to provide students with the training and commercial experience businesses want.”

It is now hoped that the graduates, who will begin the course in January 2012 will meet the UK deployment targets for offshore renewable technologies, and will contribute to making offshore renewables a vital part of the long term industrial and economic base of the UK.

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