£12.5m post production site could bring 160 jobs

The new facility is likely to include 3D screening rooms and editing workstations

A new £12.5m post production facility dedicated to stereo 3D has been reportedly earmarked for launch in the north of England.

Sites in Manchester, Sunderland and Wales are in the running, with a decision likely to depend on regional development grants.

A consultant to the project, Saif Chaudhry said the new facility could be ready for business by the summer, with equipment installed by April.

He said it could provide 160 new jobs within three years, tapping into higher education media courses in the chosen region.

The new facility is likely to include 3D screening rooms and editing, compositing, grading and VFX workstations.

Chaudhry, a founder of Sunderland-based Stereographix revealed it would be the first facility built to be 3D capable rather than retro-fitted.

He said: “We aim to set up an outsourcing model, similar to one adopted by other post houses, but to outsource work to the North instead of outside the country, where salaries and office space are cheaper and to ensure that the skillsets for 3D stay in the UK.”

He added the public funding grant would “reduce the risk of operating outside London”.

Stereographix has developed a range of 3D training courses and 3D development workstations and is currently working on a 3D film for Durham University.

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