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Research pays off for graduate talent

Published 3 Sep 2008
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A Newcastle-based research company is getting ready to welcome its latest placement student as part of an ongoing programme that has seen three of its graduates go on to be offered a permanent job in the past three years.

Explain Research takes on one student every year as part of its graduate programme. Each receives training incorporating all aspects of the research business, followed by the option to choose a specific career path.

Chief executive David Shiel runs the placement scheme in partnership with the Universities of Sunderland, Northumbria and Newcastle.

David Shiel said: "We are big believers in engaging with young people during their studies at a time when they are beginning to think seriously about their career choices. "To see the best of an undergraduate's skills and abilities, you have to trust them to represent the company as you would any other member of the team; only then will both the business and the young person reap the benefits. The days of only allowing placement candidates the routine and unimportant tasks, without involving them in the business and giving them real responsibility are gone."

This year's placement opportunity will see Alison Anderson, currently studying Marketing Management at Northumbria University, join the firm for a year's placement in September.

Alison, who moved over from Northern Ireland to study in the region, said: "I'm so excited about working at Explain during my placement year. The company has really high standards when choosing prospective students, so I feel pretty honoured that they chose me and I can't wait to start my placement in September."

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